Champion Collegiate Recruiting

Champion Collegiate Recruiting was created by Jerry and Laura Cutchens who went through the college recruiting process with their son, Cory. Cory had played soccer since he was four and was highly successful and excelled to the point that at age 15 he was selected to FYSA's Olympic Development Program Region III Pool and Super-Y League's National Camp First Selections.

Then as a freshman in high school, Cory tore his ACL and proceeded, after repair surgeries, to re-tear the same knee two more times within a two year plus period. Through lots of physical therapy, training and hard work Cory made it back on the pitch. Due to the injuries occurring during his first couple years of high school, Cory found that he had dropped off the radar of college coaches. In December of his senior year, Cory decided he still wanted to try to play soccer in college.
  News: Florida Athletic Coaches Association (FACA) Conference

Jerry and Laura invested countless hours researching the recruiting process, visiting websites to obtain college coaches’ contacts, going through films to pull out highlight clips, video editing and creating a professional resume that displayed Cory's talents and abilities. Once all this was built, it was Cory’s turn to become the proactive student-athlete. He took the online brand that was created for him and started emailing schools identified as "best fit" for him athletically and academically.

Much to Cory's surprise and joy he began receiving many responses. Within a month’s time, even through the holidays, he began receiving emails, texts and phone calls from college coaches. Cory found himself being actively recruited and went on official visits. By utilizing a proactive approach, Cory was able to participate in Spring Signing Day and ultimately realizing his dream of becoming a collegiate soccer player.

After Cory's signing, many parents were asking how Cory was able to get recruited. Jerry and Laura realized they could assist other student-athletes fulfill their dream of playing a collegiate sport. Thus, Champion Collegiate Recruiting was created. Champion Collegiate Recruiting is dedicated to being the recruiting coach that most high school student-athletes and parents need to de-mystify the intimidating recruiting process.

Champion Collegiate Recruiting is ready to help you Get Recruited!